The Case For Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Sure, no matter what it is, free “stuff” is almost always appealing. That’s why large and small businesses alike frequently give away branded promotional products like notepads, pens, pencils, keychains and more. But, what is the value of these goods? How many of these items get thrown in the rubbish bin? Or, how many are immediately stowed away in the dark depths of a drawer, only to resurrect during a bout of spring cleaning. Unfortunately, if these items are not being used or seen on a regular basis, they lose virtually all value as marketing pieces. In this scenario, your brand is not staying top of mind with your customers, and you’re just adding to the single-use plastic crisis.

Avoiding single-use plastics.

However, making mindful decisions about your promotional products, and ensuring that they are in fact serviceable, can make for a very strong branded piece. As it turns out, eco-friendly promotional products are not only beneficial for both your brand and the environment. But, they help customers to perceive your company as sustainable, and help it to maintain an eco-conscious image. It’s time to move on from the days of cheap foam keychains and scratchy T-shirts that will only ever be worn as pajamas. Read on to see some of the main benefits you can enjoy from investing in high-quality, sustainable promotional products for your brand.

1. Offer them an experience

Promotional products that feature seeds live on well beyond even a product that gets day-to-day use, like a pen or notebook. Once the seeds from a product like our Seedsticks, Eco Cups, or Seed Paper are planted, a care-taking process is sparked. Your customers will nurture their seedlings as they grow. In turn, developing a more emotionally-invested relationship with your brand. Consistent interaction with a plant is necessary, meaning your brand will be regularly recalled every time a customer looks at or interacts with their greenery.

An example of a turf grass Seedstick piece we created for Arsenal FC.

2. Stronger Messaging

Just like plantable and eco-conscious promotional products allow for a stronger experience with a brand, the tie-in between the type of seed used and the brand can make for an even stronger communication piece. Between flower, herb, vegetable and tree seed varieties, there is a seed tie-in for just about any brand. For example, a spa may use Eucalyptus tree seeds in their product to simulate relaxation, while a veterans group may use poppy flower seeds to represent the blood shed in battle.

A variety of our seeded promotional products.

3. Support Sustainable Business and Habits

In addition to supplying a variety of customisable eco-friendly, plantable promotional products, Buddy Burst practices carbon neutral printing. Our carbon neutral printing is certified to ISO14001 environmental standard. It is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Unfortunately,  the creation of carbon emissions during printing is unavoidable. To solve this, our printers support two projects that help avoid the creation of CO2 and actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Moreover, our factory is powered by solar panels. This means that we use a true renewable energy source (the sun) instead of excess fossil fuels to push us forward.

We also carry generally sustainable products that are not necessarily plantable. This includes the Humble Toothbrush, the world’s most highly sold bamboo toothbrush. By offering these products, we enable brands to encourage their customers to live more sustainable lifestyles, and reduce their use of non-biodegradable products.

Treating the Earth and environment well is a hot button topic right now, and with the hovering presence of global warming, it’s doubtful that this trend will go away any time soon. Step up to the plate, and practice sustainable business within your daily operations. See how one of our products could enhance your brand. Have a look at our full line of products at