Environmentally Conscious Coffee Cups

Did you know that every year, half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world? That’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet. (source: With all of the stylish reusable cups now available on the market, there’s no longer an excuse to be using wasteful single-use coffee mugs. Several coffee shops even offer discounts for bringing in reusable cups these days, so it’s an all around win.

eco-conscious coffee cup

Ecoffee Cups – Branded Reusable Takeaway Mugs

You’ve probably seen branded reusable takeaway cups before, but what about branded biodegradable, and reusable takeaway cups?

Customers who are concerned with being eco-friendly while also embracing trends will find our Ecoffee cups ideal. These reusable coffee cups are made from naturally organic bamboo and corn fibres. The cups also feature a silicone sleeve and silicone lid, both of which can be removed. Printing of your company’s logo can be placed either on the silicone sleeve, or on the cup itself.

Some News From Buddy Burst

the truly epic book of veg power uk

Embracing The Power of Homegrown Veg

Our friends at Veg Power UK are on a mission to get the UK eating more veg. It’s even easier to eat vegetables when you grow them yourself, which is why we’ve equipped copies of “The Epic Book of Veg Power” with our signature seedsticks.

diamond resorts seedstick packets

Promoting Sustainable Messaging

We recently designed some of our signature Seedsticks® specially for Diamond Resorts.The company is using the sticks to promote their dedication to the environment, and encouraging recipients to share photos of the sticks with “#ShowUsYourGarden.”

Sprout pencils with seeds

Sustainable Marketing Materials for Universities

We recently had the pleasure of working with University of Strathyclyde, providing them with our eco-friendly Sprout Pencils. Regarding how pleased they are with the pencils,  Špela Rapoša AIEMA, the school’s environment resources manager said, “We encourage sustainable options and waste minimisation at the University of Strathclyde, although we appreciate that marketing materials are a helpful tool for spreading the message about what we do. With such an array of materials available these days it’s tricky to keep on top of natural choices so when we found out about Sprout Pencils we were very excited and can’t wait to share these with our staff and students. The simplicity of it all is really eye-catching and makes the ‘freebie’ stand out from the crowd of the usual suspects.”
buddy burst seedsticks

Summertime News From Buddy Burst HQ

A lot has been happening for us over here at Buddy Burst, and we couldn’t do it without wonderful clients! Between awards, new collaborations, and some charity work, we’ve got loads to update you on!


We are absolutely over the moon to say that Buddy Burst Founder Jamie Gray was named a “Highly Commended Director of the Year” in the Start-Up category at the 2018 Institute of Directors Awards. The Institute of Directors’ Director of the Year Awards are comprised of 9 different categories that recognise excellence in leaders across businesses that are early stage, family-run, global,  and more.

Buddy Burst wins IoD Award

2018 IoD Awards

The days of feeling guilty about throwing away gift bags are over! Rather than sit in a landfill for years, these seeded paper bags we created for No1 Rosemary Water sprout into lovely wildflowers. No1 Rosemary Water is the world’s first pure rosemary water brand, and we at Buddy Burst were so pleased to have the pleasure of working with them. We supplied them with lovely, minimalist-style seeded paper bags. Have a look at all we can do with seeded bags here!

Seeded paper bags for No1 Rosemary Water by Buddy Burst

Our Seedsticks® recently made an appearance at the Taste of London…and for a great cause, to boot! We had the pleasure of donating Seedsticks® to Action Against Hunger, an organisation that works across 40 countries to lead the fight against hunger. Not only did they serve as sustainable, eco-friendly promotions, but they especially helped to drive home the organisation’s message – that each individual’s actions, no matter how small they may seem, can contribute to ending hunger. Through fundraising associated with this event, Action Against Hunger UK was able to raise a total of £27,000, the equivalent needed to save the lives of over 635 severely malnourished children.

Action Against Hunger UK with Buddy Burst seed sticks

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch. Email us at, or call +44 (0) 207 157 9598. Buddy Burst has a massive range of sustainable promotional products, find the one to suit your business!