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Now available for both wholesale and retail!

Our Seedsticks® retail packs have been developed for wholesalers and retailers to display at Point-of-Sale.  Also known as a Matchbook Garden, each retail pack contains 50 packs of seeded matchsticks in a custom printed matchbook.  Choose from a standard pack of five Seedsticks or a pack of ten matchstick seeds.   

Each matchbook is custom printed and designed to your bespoke needs with the option of a large variety of flower, herbs or fruit and vegetable seeds.  Simply place the Seedsticks® in the soil, water them regularly, and then watch your garden grow! We recommend using an assortment of either wildflowers or herbs as they are easy to plant and maintain. Our Wildflower pack includes a mix of black-eyed susans, cornflowers and field poppies. The Mixed Herb pack includes basil, chives and rocket. 

Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

Our Seedsticks® Retail Pack is a versatile branded product that can be used in various ways: 

  • Matchbook Gardens are a great eco-friendly giveaway for flower shows, trade events and community events. Use the branded retail pack on your stand to attract customers and spread your brand message. 
  • Create a range of branded Seedsticks® for your retail space. Sell your custom-made matchstick garden in museum shops, garden centres and family attractions to add another stream of revenue to your business.
  • Retail wholesalers can offer this branded pack to their wholesale clients. Ask us about our free visualisation service and our designers can mock-up a visual of branded packs containing your retail logo.  

Custom-Made for Your Business

Seedsticks® have the same format as a book of matches but rather than an explosive end, the matchstick contains a seedThe seeds are attached to biodegradable cardboard (the sticks) by natural glue. We also use eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil. 

Each seed stick is tearable, with a depth line indicated for help when planting. The tab has been designed to protect the seeds and allow for a successful germination.  Growing instructions included in each matchbook.  

Retail packs available in 2 sizes holding either five stick or ten stick Seedstick packs. Each pack contains 50 Seeded Matchbooks 

10 Pack Size: 16cm x 18cm x 10cm
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 retail units (each unit includes 50 matchbooks).
Lead times from: –  3-4 weeks

Size of 10 Stick Matchbook: 76mm x 47mm

5 Pack Size: 8cm x 11cm x 5.5cm  

Size of 5 Stick Matchbook: 38mm x 47mm 

All matchbooks and retail packs can be printed in full colour and include your choice of standard seed. 



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