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Promotional Live Plants

Live plants are the ultimate eco-friendly promotional product! Reinforce your brands sustainable credentials by choosing branded Promotional Plants as your next corporate gift or consumer giveaway. Plants clean the air and studies have shown that they even help to improve people’s mood.

These sustainable gifts can be grown at home or the office.  The recipient will remember your business every time they tend to their plants.  All packaging is custom-printed to order to help you achieve the perfect design for your business

There are so many marketing & branding uses for our range of promotional plants. Use them as a green giveaway at trade shows and consumer events. They work well for environmental, gardening and outdoor brands, as well as B2B and sustainable brands.

Involve your brand in community planting campaigns with schools and local neighbourhoods or conservation charities.  We can even create a branded range of Live Plants for retailers to sell in garden centres and gift shops.

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