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Seed Packets

A budget-friendly option that packs a promotional punch. Seed Packets are an inexpensive and versatile promotional item. Available in different sizes, from a credit card to a large envelope, they are compact and lightweight. Pop them in the post for direct mail campaigns, hang them round a bottle or jar for food and drink promotions, or use them as magazine cover mounts, gifts and giveaways.

Eye-catching pack designs (front and back) can be created to meet the requirements of promotional campaigns. The seed variety can also be perfectly matched to your client’s message with memorable puns using thyme, for example, or branching out and growing together.

A wide selection of flower, vegetable and herb seeds or mixed varieties are available. The packets are foil sealed, protecting the seeds from moisture and ensuring a long shelf life, which makes them suitable for use at any time of year.

All printing uses soy and vegetable ink on 100% recycled gloss, matte or kraft board for minimal environmental impact. Growing instructions are included, helping to ensure a blossoming relationship between your client and their customers.