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Seed Paper Wine Bottle Tag

Unique plantable wine bottle tags that are embedded with wildflower seeds. Bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects love wildflowers, so these are great for the local environment. Just pop in soil after use and wait 1-2 weeks and flowers will start to grow!

Ideal for wine brands, soft drink brands, off-licenses, wine retailers and supermarkets. They also make a great branded giveaway for PR events, trade events as well as the hospitality industry. Hang them around bottles of wine, then package the bottles in our Seed Paper Wine Bags for a stylish, eco-friendly corporate gift.

Our plantable wine bottle tags can be custom-printed on one side in full CMYK colour with 40% print coverage.

Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

  • Custom Printed Plantable Wine Bottle Tags can be used in a range of marketing & promotional campaigns:
    • Innovative branded bottle tags for off-licenses, wine retailers and supermarkets. Also suitable for soft drink brands and food products.
    • Use in conjunction with our custom printed plantable wine bags, also made from wildflower embedded seed paper. Makes a sustainable corporate gift for Christmas, trade shows, business anniversaries or events.

Custom-made for your Business

Seed paper wine bottle tag (with fold) on white paper with wildflower seeds. Printed one side full-colour (CMYK), up to 40% coverage per side.

Ask us about our free visualisation service and our designers can mock-up a visual of your custom wine bottle tag.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 units

Lead times from: 3-4 weeks

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