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Seed Paper Postcards

Our custom-printed biodegradable postcards are made from Seed Paper embedded with wildflowers. Made from recycled paper, these sustainable postcards leave only plants behind. Ideal as a branded postcard or leaflet/flyer, customers will love your eco-friendly approach to marketing and promotions. Just plant and grow after use!

Team Seeded Postcards with Seed Paper Envelopes for sustainable direct mail campaigns. Every product in our Seed Paper Range is 100% biodegradable and made from wastepaper that’s collected from local businesses and recycled. We use only eco-friendly ink made from soy and vegetable oil.

Seed Paper can be ripped into strips and planted in pots or popped direct into soil in the garden or any patch of land. Create a blooming wildflower garden that not only will boost brand recall but will create a wonderful habitat and food for bees and other insects.


Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

  • The ultimate eco-friendly marketing materials– 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. Use for direct mail campaigns, networking events, trade shows, PR events and more.
  • The perfect marketing tool for travel agents, tour operators and tourist authority boards. Promote your services and region sustainably.
  • Create a branded range of eco-friendly, biodegradable postcards to sell in retail spaces in tourist attractions, gift shops and garden centres

Custom-made for your Business

Seed Paper Postcards can be printed in full colour on both sides – with up to 40% print coverage per side. A range of seeds available – choose smaller seeds for a smoother finish.

Growing instructions are included as is expected germination time, botanical and common name of the plant.

  • Minimum order – 100
  • Lead time – 1-3 weeks

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