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The Wonder Bean

The Wonder Bean is a custom laser engraved bean that will bloom into a branded promotional plant as it grows. Your logo and brand will continue to be visible on the plant leaf as the bean germinates and grows, making The Wonder Bean an effective and eco-friendly way to reach your customers.

These promotional bean seeds can be planted in pots to bring nature, colour and oxygen into offices and homes. This green gift can be enjoyed by people of all ages and will allow them to engage with your brand each time they tend to their plant.

If you really want to make a great brand impression, consider using these custom bean seeds with the Eco Cube. Made from Alder Wood, the eco cube is a wooden plant box that’s 100% compostable and has a natural look to complement The Wonder Bean.

Promotional Seeds are a great product for any brand looking to deliver sustainable marketing & PR campaigns.

Please contact us to check for product availability.

Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

  • Promotional seeds are a creative, sustainable corporate gift that will help your brand to stand out from the crowd.
  • Use them in-house to complete the brand look for your business HQ or to decorate your trade stand at shows & events.
  • Giveaway eco-friendly promotional gifts at trade shows and consumer events.
  • Perfect for gardening brands, eco brands and any brand looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional promotional products.

Custom Printed for Any Business

Insert a custom-printed card into the packet.  Choose full colour for both card and packaging to make a full impact for your brand.

We use laser-etching on individual beans so that each promotional seed is branded for your business.  The laser-etched beans shimmer slightly through the semi-transparent back side of the packaging.

Wonder Bean packages are available in 3 sizes to suit your marketing needs and audience.  If you prefer, we can supply without packaging.

Minimum Order: 50 units

Product Info

  • Small Pack: 54 x 80 mm
  • Medium Pack: 62 x 92mm
  • Large Pack: 82 x 114mm
  • The Wonder Bean weighs 5 g.
  • Material: paper or glassine paper.

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