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Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening became popular with environmental activists but also provides an easy way to transform a neglected patch of land into a blooming patch of wildflowers. Add some colour to any garden, as well as provide more nectar for bees and other pollinating insects.

If your business supports the work of RHS Plants for Pollinators, check out this range of promotional seeds.

Our range of Seed Balls and Seedboms make Guerilla Gardening easy.  Just  ‘throw and grow’ – wait for rain then your seedboms will germinate and start to bloom. All seeded products are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable – they  leave only plants behind with no waste or mess.

Guerilla Gardening is a great way to involve local communities in planting seeds in any bare patch of earth in their area, helping to revitalise the local environment with minimum work!  Perfect for community projects, regeneration schemes or as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional promotional products and giveaways.

All Promotional Seeds can be custom-printed to order. Full colour printing available – we can also help with design to ensure the finished product is perfectly branded for your business.

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