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Biodegradable Hygiene Hook Keyring

This Branded Hygiene Hook is a unique social distancing product that allows people to avoid touching surfaces like door handles, keypads, doorbells, lift buttons, cashpoints or chip and pin machines. It provides protection from catching COVID-19 and any other illness that can be passed on easily by touching your face.

Each Hygiene Hook is attached to a keyring, has a hook feature, finger hole and a flat stylus tip which allows you to pull or push objects with ease. It is perfect for good hygiene practice in the workplace or schools, helping to protect employees, customers, and students.

It’s a handy tool for vulnerable people to use along with other protective equipment like Face Masks, when out and about. Branded social distancing products will make your customers feel that you care about their health and safety, leaving a positive impression of your business.

Our Branded Hygiene Hooks are lightweight and cost-effective, yet a practical promotional product for the ‘new normal’. As with all our products, the key is made from 100% biodegradable material. It’s also manufactured in the UK, reducing the carbon footprint of deliveries.


Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

  • Use in busy workplaces to protect staff from COVID-19. Ideal for care homes, medical settings, warehouses & factories, retail workers, schools, hotels and more.
  • Great for direct mail campaigns to vulnerable people and those over 70 years- lightweight and easy to post.

Custom-made for your Business

Digitally print your logo on both sides of the Hygiene Key with a print area of 40 x 30 mm. They are white in colour as standard, but we can create different coloured versions at an extra cost and longer lead time.

Minimum Order: 100 units

Size: 90 x 50mm

Print area: 40 x 30mm

Lead time: 1-2 weeks

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