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Free Seeds! Claim a Pack of Seedsticks™ Now

We send our very best to everyone during these unprecedented times and hope that you and your families are safe and well. The Covid-19 outbreak means people in the UK are currently facing a lock down with a prospect of staying at home for weeks, so we’d like to offer everyone a free sample of our hero product, Seedsticks™, to help raise spirits and keep you busy at home.

Keep Gardening During Lockdown with Free Seeds!

Whilst we all need to isolate as much as possible,  many of us simply aren’t used to staying at home for such a long period. Studies show that gardening, or even tending to house plants, helps to improve mental health and reduce stress.

We are giving away free samples of Seedsticks™ and are on a mission to help improve mental health during isolation through the power of plants! This fantastic offer is open to everyone so if you’re self-isolating, working from home or trying to keep the children busy, get in touch now to claim your free pack!

Seedsticks with custom printed packs

Seedsticks™ look just like a book of matches, but each ‘match’ contains seeds. Tear from the book, plant the matchstick in soil (either in a pot or the garden) and wait for it to grow. Seedsticks make planting easy and accessible for children and is a great way to develop an interest in gardening and gets them into the outdoors. If you don’t have a garden, they still provide a fun, educational project that will improve your home environment.

For those working from home, gardening gives an opportunity to step away from your screen and get some much needed fresh air. Indoor plants have also been proven to cheer up any workspace as well as provide oxygen and colour to lift your mood.

How to Claim Free Seeds

To claim your free Seedstick sample, just email us at, use our contact form, or call 020 7157 9598

Please share pictures to show us how you’re getting on with growing your free seeds – we’d LOVE to see them! Post on social media using the hashtag #covid19uk #stickit #stayhome AND don’t forget to tag Buddy Bust into your post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

If you have any questions, please do get in touch. We are open for business and ready to help!