Earth DAy

Celebrating Earth Day with Buddy Burst

Celebrating Earth Day with Buddy Burst

In honour of Earth Day, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our environmentally-conscious efforts. We are proud to consistently create products that prevent waste, and encourage planting. If we say so ourselves, the amount of seed-infused, eco-friendly promotional products we’ve been able to put out in just the past 3 years is astounding. Of course, the numbers don’t lie… so have a look!


What’s New at Buddy Burst HQ


It was a pleasure to create Seedsticks for perhaps the planet’s most acclaimed wilderness preservation organization, World Wildlife Fund. Featuring the infamous panda logo, these flower pot-shaped Seedsticks were created for the Wales division of WWF. 

Finally, did you know that our factories utilize renewable energy by means of solar panels? We’re proud to practice what we preach, and take our own steps towards a better future for the Earth.

Seedboms™ for Springtime

Spring Into Springtime with Seedboms

The Easter holiday is right around the corner, and with it comes the spring season. This is typically the time of year that most people taking to planting and beginning to tend their gardens. But who ever said gardening had to be tedious? Our Seedboms™ make gardening fun, and make the act of “seed bombing” a breeze.


Seed bombing is often times uses in what’s become known as “guerrilla gardening”, and explains why our Seedboms™ are shaped like grenades. Guerrilla gardening occurs in subcultures in which people transform unused public spaces into lovely gardens by throwing seeds. In this case, the seeds are protected by a biobased shell. They shell just needs to be dampened, then it can be tossed onto bare ground. Once it hits the ground, the shell will explode and release the seeds. The seeds will eventually sprout, thus transforming unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour. In addition to helping produce clean air, the plants also help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations.

Not only is it fun, but it’s the perfect way to beautify the planet, connect with nature, and start off the springtime. Customers simply need to soak the Seedboms™ so that they are damp, then they can be tossed so that the shell explodes and releases seeds. You can find out even more about our Seedboms™ here.

Egg Seedsticks for Easter

Of course, we can’t talk about spring without mentioning Easter. The holiday is taking place on Sunday, April 21 this year. That means there’s still plenty of time to order our lovely egg-shaped Seedsticks™.  For some background, eggs were originally associated with Easter during Pagan celebrations. This is because the egg is symbolic of new life, aligning with the rebirth of flora and fauna during springtime. In Christian traditions, the egg symbolises the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Colouring eggs with dye and holding Easter egg hunts are some of the most popular modern day Easter activities, making our egg-shaped Seedsticks™ perfect for the upcoming celebrations.

What We’ve Been Up To

Additionally, we’re super proud to have worked with some incredible brands lately . Have a look at the unique promotional products we’ve been creating. 

EY Seedsticks™

“How will individual behaviour impact our collective future?”

That’s the question asked by EY on the Seedsticks we recently created for them. Never forget just what a massive impact your actions may have – especially when it comes to helping the wellbeing of our planet!


Love Ireland

ireland seedsticks™

Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day, we had the opportunity to create Seedsticks for the Irish gift company, Love Ireland!




We recently had the wonderful opportunity to provide dunnhumby with T-shirts, stickers, badges, flags and water bottles, all in the name of supporting their new LGBTQ+ network, dhProud.

Brexit Survival Kit Seedsticks™

With Brexit decisions right around the corner, it’s imperative to begin considering some of the statistics regarding food shortages. For example, about 30% of the food we consume in the United Kingdom comes from the European Union. Even more frightening, a whopping 85% of the veggies we eat in the UK come from the EU, too. If we want a shot at being able to keep yummy greens in our diets, we must take matters into our own hands. That’s where our handy dandy Seedsticks™ come into play. 

Luckily, Buddy Burst has recently released a special edition Brexit Survival Kit Seedsticks™. These allow UK citizens to easily grow their own herb plants. In doing so,  they can do their part in preventing post-Brexit food shortages. Regardless of the Brexit proceedings, your customers will be delighted to grow their very own herbs to cook with.

brexit survival kit seedsticks

Of course, all Seedsticks™ packs can be customised with your individual company’s branding. Why use plastic products to promote your company when you can share a unique gift that will stick around for a while – because it can be planted! Our products not only contribute to bettering the flora of the planet (more plants = more oxygen production = a healthier Earth). To see our wide variety of sustainable promotional products, go to To place an order or learn more about pricing, call +44 (0) 207 157 9598, or email

Heart-Shaped Seedsticks

Seedsticks™ For The Season Of Love

Spreading the Love with SeedsticksTM

Whether it’s Sweetest Day or Valentine’s Day, our heart-shaped SeedstickTM packets make the perfect lasting sentiment for any romantic season. Of course, you can They’re even more special when filled with our Nigella Love-In-A-Mist seeds.

heart-shaped seedsticks


The Flowers

Nigella seeds grow into beautiful, delicate pale blue flowers. The seeds themselves are often used as a condiment in India and the Middle East on flatbreads and vegetable dishes. The flowers, meanwhile have come to be known as Love-In-A-Mist.  This name stems from a legend about the Emperor Frederick I (1125-1190), who drowned in a shallow river.  According to the story, he was seduced by a water spirit with green hair who drowned him in the hip-deep water. This plant sprang up at the shore and is said to display the water spirit’s hair.

Love In A Mist

Some Details

So what are you waiting for? Spread the love this season with some lovely Love-In-A-Mist seeds packaged in a lovely festive design. But first, here’s some details:

Designed to imitate the branded matchboxes of the past, Seedsticks come 5 to a box with completely customisable packaging, measuring 79mm x 56mm. Each Seedstick can then simply be torn off, and planted into the soil.

What Else We’ve Been Up To

We always stay busy here at Buddy Burst! Here are just a few of the exciting happenings and projects we’ve been up to lately:

Brewin Dolphin

One of the UK’s leading wealth mangers, Brewin Dolphin, recently used our seed kits to promote their learning portal.

 Funding Circle

Peer-to-peer small business loan company Funding Circle created these lovely little holiday cards for their clients using our pine tree Seedsticks! We love the design!

Funding Circle

seeded stocking stuffers

Stuff Your Stockings with Seeded Sprout Pencils!

Seeded Sprout Pencils – Write with A Purpose

seeded stocking stuffers
These days, it’s more important than ever that we do our part and encourage our loved ones to take care of the Earth. We carry a lovely product called Sprout Pencils contain a water-soluble seed capsule in place of an eraser. Then, once the pencil is through, just plant the pencil into some soil, then watch it grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables.


Some Details

seeded sprout pencils

The pencils can be laser engraved (10cm x 0.5cm) with a custom logo or message. Customers can choose for their plantable capsule to contain vegetable, herb, or flower seeds. Also, our list of seed options is available here. We also offer colour pencils that are available with 12 different plants. Each plant has its own colour.

What’s New at Buddy Burst HQ

Firstly, our Seedsticks have made their grocery store debut! Next time you pick up a bottle of Daffy’s Gin, be sure to look for a pack of our Seedsticks™ tied around the bottle neck.

seedsticksAbove, you can see  some of the Seedsticks™ we created for the internship/work experience finder app, Young Professionals.


seeded paper carrier bagsFinally, our seeded paper carrier bags were used to promote the FutureScape Event. As you may know, this event is a massive landscaping show that recently took place on November 20th.



reusable water bottles from Buddy Burst

Reusable Bottles to Keep Your Beverages Warm

Trendy Reusable Bottles For Your Brand


reusable buddy burst water bottle
Drinking tap water from a reusable water bottle can be up to 2,000 times cheaper than buying plastic water bottles.

But, these customisable water bottles aren’t only good for cool beverages. For instance, our reusable water bottles can handle hot beverages, too. As the weather grows cooler, ditch the single-use cups and keep your tea or coffee steaming warm inside one of our eco-friendly bottles. Plus, you can use it to take beverages you make at home on the go, or give it to your barista to refill.

buddy burst water bottles

Designing a reusable bottle unique to your brand:

– Contributes to bringing an end to the wasteful plastic water bottle industry.

– Ensures high impressions of your brand’s message, as customers will likely travel with their bottle.

– Reminds customers of your company’s dedication to sustainability.

– Provides opportunity for extremely creative designs thanks to the bottle’s large surface area.  

What Else We’ve Been Up To

Oxford Investigation Service

Oxford Investigation Services Seedsticks

Continuing, corporate fraud investigators Oxford Investigation Service recently used our Seedsticks™ as giveaways at their annual fraud conference.



wahaca seedsticks

Delicioso! Our Serrano Seedsticks™ make an appearance in Wahaca’s new soft taco kit, now available at Waitrose.

A Very Merry Buddy Burst Christmas

A Happy Christmas with Buddy Burst

The Christmas season is right around the corner! So, during this year’s “season of giving”, we’re offering you a way to promote your brand! Our recommended festive giveaway will benefit both your customers, and the environment. Recently, we’ve made a load of Seedsticks shapes available for purchase. This includes everything from hamburgers to telephone to, naturally,  Christmas trees! Of course, the best part is that you can fill these fun packets with Seedsticks that will grow into little Christmas trees. Naturally, these Seedsticks are a fan favorite for the festive season!

christmas tree seedsticks

Some Details

Designed to imitate the branded matchboxes of the past, Seedsticks come 5 to a box with completely customisable packaging, measuring 77mm x 74mm. Each Seedstick can then simply be torn off, and planted into the soil.

What’s New at Buddy Burst HQ 

Green Business Award Shortlist

green business awards hammersmith and fulham

Earlier this year, we were shortlisted for the Green Business Award from the Hammersmith & Fulham Brilliant Business Awards! Additionally, we had the pleasure of attending the awards ceremony on November 7th!


wahaca seedsticks

To carry on, we’re delighted to continue our work with Wahaca, helping them with their rebrand by providing our Serrano Seedsticks and promoting their “#WahacaChiliGrower” hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Read more here.

⠀Accenture’s Kidovation

accenture kidovation

Finally, we recently had the pleasure of doing repeat business with Accenture. This client used our Seedsticks to promote their Kidovation weekend and “#kidovation” Twitter hashtag.

biodegradable poncho blog

Rain Protection Minus the Plastic!

Eco-Friendly Rain Protection

Hosting an outdoor event like a graduation, concert, or sports match? You never know what Mother Nature may have in store. As your mother always told you, it’s best to stay prepared. Sure, ponchos are tactful in keeping crowds dry, but all of that one-time-use plastic is pretty terrible for the environment.

biodegradable poncho

Prevent plastic waste and show off your brand’s logo with our compostable corn starch ponchos, a product perfectly in line with the mission of the Evening Standard’s Plastic-Free Project. Interestingly enough, this initiative is being carried out in line with Bee Midtown, and is paving the way for Londoners to reduce their plastic use and ultimately make Midtown a zero waste area.

As for the ponchos themselves, it takes as little as 8-12 weeks for these ponchos to break down. Plus, they are completely non-toxic and CO2 neutral. Also, the color and print on the ponchos can be customised to suit your brand,. So, this poncho doubles as a functional marketing piece that people will be thankful for when the rain comes in. Rain poncho and printing colours according to the European Standard EN 13432, with the OK Compost quality seal. Includes one colour print on the front or the back (one position). Additionally, Pantone matched poncho and other printing options (including packaging and paper insert) are available upon request.

What Else We’ve Been Up To

The One Hundred Network

One Hundred is a network that exists to “support individuals in their purposeful leadership and understanding through the exchange of ideas and experience.” Plus, not only did we have the pleasure of supplying them with custom seeded paper carrier bags for their annual reception, but Jamie, our CEO, was able to attend.



dubbhumby seedsicks by Buddy Burst

Next, the data company dunnhumby recently used our telephone-shaped Seedsticks™ for a clever promotion. Basically, our telephone-shaped Seedsticks were used to encourage employees to “#speakup” if they saw conduct code being broken. Very clever!

Muck Boot

muck boot prince harry meghan markle

Finally, our dear client Muck Boot had its 15 minutes of fame recently.  The brand received the royal treatment when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out in the classic footwear. Very cool!


poppy seeds for remembrance day

Poppy Seeds for Remembrance Day

Remember, Remembrance Day is less than a month away! As you may know, poppies became associated with Remembrance Day because once regrowth began to take place after World War I,  poppies were the first to bloom. After they populated some of the worst battlefields of Flanders after World War I, their brilliant red colour quickly becoming a symbolic remembrance of the blood shed in the war.

While it may be difficult to give your customers real poppies, we can supply something that’s perhaps even better – poppy seeds that your customers can grow on their own! Not to mention, they come in a

Poppy Seedsticks by Buddy Burst

In addition to showcasing excellent corporate social responsibility, the beauty of using our poppy Seedsticks is that you can encourage philanthropic promotions or hashtag usage on the packaging. As you can see in the image below, Poppy Scotland used the Seedsticks last Remembrance Day to promote a text message-driven donation campaign, as well as the hashtag, “#MyPoppyMeans.”

seedsticks for poppy scotland

What Else We’ve Been Up To

Warwick University is leading the way for sustainability in higher learning institutions with their Global Sustainable Development initiative, annual Sustainability Summit, and of course, with our very own seed packets! Well done, Warwick!

seedsticks for warwick university

eco-friendly seeded bags

Eco-Friendly Bags You’ll Love

While wrapping up presents for special occasions is a tradition done all in good fun, wrapping material can be extremely wasteful. Luckily, our seeded paper carrier bags offer a solution that is as ecologically responsible as it is pretty. Our clients No. 1 Rosemary Water recently used them to launch their new line, No. 1 Botanicals. 

 eco-friendly seeded bags

Seed Paper Carrier Bags by Buddy Burst

Our promotional seeded carrier bags are especially ideal for live event giveaways. Our eco-friendly, custom-printed Seed Paper Carrier Bags are made from plantable paper. The bags can be reused again and again and when you’re finished with it simply bury it in the ground and watch it grow! The seeds germinate and the paper degrades making this a truly eco-friendly promotional product!

What’s New at Buddy Burst HQ?

gearbulk seedsti

We love seeing companies find creative ways to use our seeded paper. Gearbulk recently gave out these seeded paper flyers in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

sproutpencils accenture

As you can see from the Instalove, our Sprout Pencils and seeded paper cards for Accenture Ireland were a massive hit. On the cards, Accenture Ireland discussed the efforts that they are taking to be an eco-conscious company. They even saved 210,000 pages of paper this year by only offering their brochure digitally. Well done!