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Learn more about Promotional Seed Paper Products that can be custom-printed with your business logo and branding. The range includes a number of products including business cards, postcards, and bags that are a great fit sustainable events and marketing campaigns.

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Back to Work After COVID-19: Sustainable Social Distancing Products for Work

With lock-down gradually easing and people returning to work after the Covid crisis, we all need to get used to the ‘new normal’. Social Distancing is part of that and all businesses need to take responsibility and inform both employees & customers on social distancing rules in the workplace and public spaces.

We stock a range of sustainable promotional products that will help to communicate and educate people on social distancing rules and keep them safe from COVID-19.  These social distancing products can be used in a variety of workplaces and industries including:

  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Offices
  • Delivery drivers
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Any workplace where people work closely together
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

Read on for more information on our social distancing products and how they can be used to protect the workplace from Covid-19.

Reusable Face Masks for Business - Custom PrintedCustom Printed Reusable Face Masks for Business

Face Masks are part of our ‘new normal’ and must be worn on public transport,  in shops, hospitals and other public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. Made from polyester, our masks come in three sizes and eight stock designs. There is also the option to custom-design a branded face mask with your business logo.

Protect public-facing employees like hairdressers,  service staff and retail workers.  Ideal for supermarkets, hotels, airports, factories and more to protect employees from Covid-19.

Find out more about Reusable Face Masks and get a quote.


Custom Biodegradable Hygiene HookAvoid Spreading Covid-19 with a Hygiene Hook Keyring

This branded Hygiene Hook is a social distancing product that can be used to avoid touching surfaces like key pads, doors, handles, cash tills and more.  Keeps hands away from viruses and germs.

Each hook comes on a keyring so it’s at hand every time it’s needed. It is perfect for good hygiene practice in the workplace or schools, helping to protect employees, customers, and students. Lightweight, cost-effective and biodegradable.

View Hygiene Hook Key Ring and get a quote.


Sustainable Social Distancing Badges made from Seed PaperSustainable Social Distancing Badges made from Seed Paper

Printed Badges can be worn by customer facing employees to help communicate social distancing rules in-store, at community services, food retailers and more.

The badges act as a reminder to keep a distance and can carry other important messages about social distancing. Made from eco-friendly seed paper, the badges can be custom-printed to order. Personalise with your company logo and branding or choose from stock design options.

Seed paper is recycled paper that is embedded with seeds. The paper from these sustainable badges can be planted after use, leaving behind only beautiful wildflowers. As for the safety pin, we suggest reusing it for anything from fixing a broken flip flop to securing your keys!

Find out more about social distancing badges and get a quote.


Seed Paper Postcard - add your logo here textInform Customers about Social Distancing Rules Using Seed Paper Postcards

Hand out recycled biodegradable postcards to staff & customers explaining your in-house social distancing rules. Can be handed out to queuing customers or posted to customers on your mailing list in preparation for opening day. These postcards are great for sustainable direct mail campaigns.

After use, the recipient can rip up the postcard and plant it in the ground and grow a wildflower garden!  Helping them to remember your brand favourably as well as looking after the environment.

Choose from full colour print on both sides. Wildflower mix and other seeds available.

View Seed Paper Postcards and get a quote.


Broadcast Social Distancing Messages using Printed T-shirtsMan wearing white cotton Promotional T-shirt with Buddy Burst Logo

Printed T-shirts provide a great canvas for social distancing rules and are easy to read at a longer distance if a big, bold font is used. Can be worn by customer-facing staff to remind visitors to keep their distance.

Our range of organic cotton T-shirts is available in all sizes from Small through to XXL. Full colour print is available on both the back and front of the T-shirt.

Find out more about T-shirts and get a quote.

Promotional Caps - Bamboo Charcoal Caps

Protect Employees from the Elements with a Recycled Cap

Another social distancing product that can be used as branded workplace apparel. Embroider your message on the front of the cap. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this promotional cap is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Provides another way to help customers identify staff as well as helping to protect staff managing queues outside from the Summer sun and rain showers.

Available in Black, Grey, Navy, Olive or Red. Find out more about Recycled Caps


Recycled Paper Flags - Custom PrintedSignpost the 2 Metre Rule with Balloons & Flags

Balloons and flags can be used to decorate retail space, offices and public areas, highlighting 2 metres distance and indicating where people should stand. Balloons can also be handed out to any young children waiting with their parents to help keep them amused while queuing.

Great social distancing products for schools, outdoor spaces, Childrens services and any business that caters for children and families. Both flags and balloons are 100% biodegradable and provide a low-cost way to promote social distancing.

Read more about Biodegradable Balloons & Recycled Paper Flags


Free Design Visualisation Service

If your business would like to see how your logo would look on any of these products, get in touch today for more details on our design visualisation service. We can mock-up a visual of our promotional products with your business logo so that you can see how your branding will look before you place an order.

Request a Quote or Product Sample

We can supply free samples for some products and charge a small fee for others. To get product samples for your business, visit our Samples page and complete the form.

For a quote on any of these social distancing promotional products, please do visit our Request a Quote page and complete the form.


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Seed Paper Postcard - add your logo here text

Direct Mail Marketing: Reaching Customers at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 crisis has meant that many businesses finished the first quarter of the year in a very different position than expected. Thriving brands are now finding that they’re having to adapt quickly in order to survive. If marketing budget is usually spent on events or outdoor advertising it may be better spent diverted into a direct mail campaigns.

It’s a great way to reach people at home during isolation and will help to keep brands in people’s minds. But what should you send? Direct mail could consist of a simple postcard offering a discount or advertising an online event. It could also be something more elaborate – think about offering customers something that will cheer them up during the long days isolated at home.

You could send a sample of your own product if it’s something that can be posted, and that people need. Alternatively, you could explore other useful products that are practical and useful to those stuck in isolation. Sales of products like seeds have surged during isolation as people pass their time in the garden. Garden centres & seed brands have experienced a rush of customers as people prepare to be socially distant and there have also been reports that seed companies are struggling with demand. This is great news for seed companies but also provides an opportunity for all companies – no matter what goods or services you sell.

Give Something Back to Customers using Direct Mail

Buddy Burst have been offering a free pack of Seedsticks® to all and have had a fantastic response. It’s been great to see people’s feedback and how much they are enjoying using our Seedsticks®. Offering free seeds when they are difficult to find in the shops provides a powerful boost to your brand’s image. They are small and inexpensive to send but are help to get a brand message to reach new people and create a wonderful vibe!

Seeds are the perfect promotional gift for these unprecedented times. Direct Mail is a traditional form of marketing that’s an effective way to reach people stuck at home. Everyone loves a freebie and people will love to receive a gift they can nurture and grow. It will show that your brand is still very much around and cares about giving back and making lives easier during the isolation period.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing During Lockdown

  • Highly targeted – identify and reach the right target market for your brand
  • An effective way to reach people stuck at home with limited activities
  • Extremely cost effective compared to outdoor and media advertising
  • Measurable results if you use a code or dedicated URL
  • Custom printed to order to add the personal touch
  • Flexible – there’s an option for all budgets and products. Send just a seed paper postcard, or send a larger grow kit

Plantable Direct Mail Products

Buddy Burst offer a wide range of plantable direct mail products. All are small enough to post, are custom-printed and can be supplied in just 2-4 weeks. They’ll make a great brand impression and we have seeds to suit all types of campaigns. Choose from flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and speciality plant seeds.

Here’s our recommended promotional grow kits and seeds for direct mail marketing campaigns to reach people during isolation:


Seedsticks - Custom MatchbookSeedsticks®

Seedsticks™ are our hero product. Made in the UK, they are the size of a matchbook and will fit into the smallest of envelopes! They make growing plants easy and accessible for all ages and experience. We also stock a wide range of Seedstick Shapes from dogs to rockets to beer bottles! There’s something to suit all brands, no matter what industry.

Browse Seedsticks®


Seed PacketsPrinted Seed Packets - Add your logo

Seed Packets are inexpensive and versatile as packs are available in a range of sizes to suit your campaign. Lockdown has caused a nationwide shortage of seeds so give your customers what they need! Colourful and long-lasting, promotional seeds are popular with wholesalers, distributors clients and brand agencies.

Browse Seed Packets


Seed Paper Postcard - add your logo here textSeed Paper Postcards

Biodegradable postcards are made from recycled paper that’s embedded with wildflower seeds. Ideal for sustainable direct mail campaigns as it uses plant based ink and can be planted after use. Team with a Seed Paper Envelope or any other product from the Seed Paper range including bookmarks.

Find out more about Seed Paper Postcards


Instant Garden Seed Kit - Add your logoInstant Garden

The Instant Garden is the perfect size for letterboxes and direct mail campaigns! This Seed Kit comes in a narrow, custom-printed box and everything needed to grow a plant. Customers will love the simplicity of this seed kit and it will help them pass time during lockdown – just unpack and it’s ready to grow! Available with a wide range of organic seeds including medicinal & culinary herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Find out more about Instant Garden


Growing Greeting CardGrowing Greeting Cards

These eco-friendly cards can grow edible microgreens that are ready to eat in just 7-10 days. A great way to get your veggies when fresh food is scarce in the supermarket or you are unable to leave the house too often.

Grow your own salad at home! Choose from basil, broccoli, clover, mizuna, mustard, pak choi, red cabbage and Rocket seeds.

Browse our Seed Greeting Cards Range 

How to Order Plantable Direct Mail Products

Give us a call on +44 (0) 207 157 9598 or email at for a quote. If budgets are limited let us know and we can advise on the best plantable direct mail products for your campaign.

If you’d like a free mock-up visual to see how your branding would look on any of these products please email specifying the product you are interested in.

You can also request product samples here.