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Promote your brand sustainably by choosing biodegradable giveaways that leave behind minimal waste. And we can even go one better – not only do our branded seeds leave no waste but they actually leave behind the gift of plants!

Keep reading to learn more about our range of biodegradable promotional giveaways.

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Corporate Christmas Cards with Christmas Tree Seeds

Business Christmas Cards: Eco-friendly Seasons Greetings

Looking for fun business Christmas card ideas that will help your business to stand out from the crowd this festive season? Make a great impression with our eco-friendly, custom-printed Christmas cards that will promote your brand, whilst protecting the environment. Give a gift to both your corporate customers and our planet with the gift of plants!

A memorable alternative to traditional cards, all of our Christmas cards contain seeds. Just plant after use and in just 2-3 weeks, you’ll start seeing growth.  We’ve even customised some of our Christmas range to include Christmas tree seeds to really get into the festive spirit and allow customers to offer a 100% festive-themed corporate gift.

Not only do they contain seeds, but are made with recycled paper that’s 100% biodegradable, making these cards the perfect green gift for both clients, employees or customers.  Our eco-friendly business Christmas cards can also be used as part of a Christmas direct mail campaign to reach consumers and customers at home or in the office, during the holiday season.

Business Christmas Card Range


Corporate Christmas Cards- Plantable Seed Paper CardsRecycled Christmas Cards made from Seed Paper

Plantable Christmas cards are made from seed paper and make an eco-friendly alternative to traditional business Christmas cards. Each card is embedded with wildflower seeds. Once Christmas is over, the seed paper card can be ripped up, popped in some soil, and will begin to grow in just a couple of weeks.

Made from recycled paper and 100% biodegradable; they can be custom-printed with your business logo and marketing message for a memorable corporate Christmas card that will promote any brand, sustainably.

Request a product sample or get a quote.

Seed Paper Envelopes

G0 100% green by sending Seed Paper Christmas Cards in a Seed Paper Envelope! Just like the Christmas cards, the envelopes can be ripped into strips and planted in the ground or a pot.

Can also be custom-printed your any business logo or branding. Make your company Christmas cards even more memorable with more seeds to grow and the novelty of planting a garden from an envelope and card! All products are 100% recycled and biodegradable.


Christmas Tree Seedstick® Shapes

Corporate Christmas Cards with Christmas Tree Seeds

Perfect for seasonal promotions; your clients and customers will appreciate this sustainable, green Christmas gift. The five seeded matchsticks each contain a Christmas tree seed (Picea Abies), enabling the recipient to grow their own Christmas trees at home!

Seedsticks are an economical option for any business looking to spread some Christmas cheer in the season of goodwill. These small matchbook-style packs can be used as a mini corporate Christmas card, that comes complete with a memorable green gift.

We can also supply Seedstick shapes in other Christmas-themed shapes such as Christmas puddings, stockings and gingerbread houses.

Seedsticks are made in the UK! Reduce carbon footprint from transportation and reduce wait times as there are no surprises waiting for customs clearance.

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Free Design Service

We offer a free design visualisation service to create mock-ups of how each product will look with a business logo and branding. Ask us for more details.

Lead times vary from 2-4 weeks depending on the product selected and quantity required, so please ensure you leave enough time for your order to be delivered in time for Christmas. Minimum order quantities start from just 100 units.

Get in touch today for a personal quote and to find out more about creating eco-friendly corporate Christmas cards for your brand.

Back to Work After COVID-19: Sustainable Social Distancing Products for Work

With lock-down gradually easing and people returning to work after the Covid crisis, we all need to get used to the ‘new normal’. Social Distancing is part of that and all businesses need to take responsibility and inform both employees & customers on social distancing rules in the workplace and public spaces.

We stock a range of sustainable promotional products that will help to communicate and educate people on social distancing rules and keep them safe from COVID-19.  These social distancing products can be used in a variety of workplaces and industries including:

  • Warehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Offices
  • Delivery drivers
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Any workplace where people work closely together
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

Read on for more information on our social distancing products and how they can be used to protect the workplace from Covid-19.

Reusable Face Masks for Business - Custom PrintedCustom Printed Reusable Face Masks for Business

Face Masks are part of our ‘new normal’ and must be worn on public transport,  in shops, hospitals and other public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. Made from polyester, our masks come in three sizes and eight stock designs. There is also the option to custom-design a branded face mask with your business logo.

Protect public-facing employees like hairdressers,  service staff and retail workers.  Ideal for supermarkets, hotels, airports, factories and more to protect employees from Covid-19.

Find out more about Reusable Face Masks and get a quote.


Custom Biodegradable Hygiene HookAvoid Spreading Covid-19 with a Hygiene Hook Keyring

This branded Hygiene Hook is a social distancing product that can be used to avoid touching surfaces like key pads, doors, handles, cash tills and more.  Keeps hands away from viruses and germs.

Each hook comes on a keyring so it’s at hand every time it’s needed. It is perfect for good hygiene practice in the workplace or schools, helping to protect employees, customers, and students. Lightweight, cost-effective and biodegradable.

View Hygiene Hook Key Ring and get a quote.


Sustainable Social Distancing Badges made from Seed PaperSustainable Social Distancing Badges made from Seed Paper

Printed Badges can be worn by customer facing employees to help communicate social distancing rules in-store, at community services, food retailers and more.

The badges act as a reminder to keep a distance and can carry other important messages about social distancing. Made from eco-friendly seed paper, the badges can be custom-printed to order. Personalise with your company logo and branding or choose from stock design options.

Seed paper is recycled paper that is embedded with seeds. The paper from these sustainable badges can be planted after use, leaving behind only beautiful wildflowers. As for the safety pin, we suggest reusing it for anything from fixing a broken flip flop to securing your keys!

Find out more about social distancing badges and get a quote.


Seed Paper Postcard - add your logo here textInform Customers about Social Distancing Rules Using Seed Paper Postcards

Hand out recycled biodegradable postcards to staff & customers explaining your in-house social distancing rules. Can be handed out to queuing customers or posted to customers on your mailing list in preparation for opening day. These postcards are great for sustainable direct mail campaigns.

After use, the recipient can rip up the postcard and plant it in the ground and grow a wildflower garden!  Helping them to remember your brand favourably as well as looking after the environment.

Choose from full colour print on both sides. Wildflower mix and other seeds available.

View Seed Paper Postcards and get a quote.


Broadcast Social Distancing Messages using Printed T-shirtsMan wearing white cotton Promotional T-shirt with Buddy Burst Logo

Printed T-shirts provide a great canvas for social distancing rules and are easy to read at a longer distance if a big, bold font is used. Can be worn by customer-facing staff to remind visitors to keep their distance.

Our range of organic cotton T-shirts is available in all sizes from Small through to XXL. Full colour print is available on both the back and front of the T-shirt.

Find out more about T-shirts and get a quote.

Promotional Caps - Bamboo Charcoal Caps

Protect Employees from the Elements with a Recycled Cap

Another social distancing product that can be used as branded workplace apparel. Embroider your message on the front of the cap. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this promotional cap is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Provides another way to help customers identify staff as well as helping to protect staff managing queues outside from the Summer sun and rain showers.

Available in Black, Grey, Navy, Olive or Red. Find out more about Recycled Caps


Recycled Paper Flags - Custom PrintedSignpost the 2 Metre Rule with Balloons & Flags

Balloons and flags can be used to decorate retail space, offices and public areas, highlighting 2 metres distance and indicating where people should stand. Balloons can also be handed out to any young children waiting with their parents to help keep them amused while queuing.

Great social distancing products for schools, outdoor spaces, Childrens services and any business that caters for children and families. Both flags and balloons are 100% biodegradable and provide a low-cost way to promote social distancing.

Read more about Biodegradable Balloons & Recycled Paper Flags


Free Design Visualisation Service

If your business would like to see how your logo would look on any of these products, get in touch today for more details on our design visualisation service. We can mock-up a visual of our promotional products with your business logo so that you can see how your branding will look before you place an order.

Request a Quote or Product Sample

We can supply free samples for some products and charge a small fee for others. To get product samples for your business, visit our Samples page and complete the form.

For a quote on any of these social distancing promotional products, please do visit our Request a Quote page and complete the form.


Working from Home and Back To Work Range



Back To School Range



Sprout Pencils - Eco friendly pencils that you can plant after use

Sprouting Sustainable Behaviours with the Sprout Pencil

Did you know that every year, the United States alone throws out 1.6 billion plastic pens? And that is just the US alone, without the rest of the world!

Until computers completely take over, we will always need something to write with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those pens and pencils have to end up in landfills. While more eco-friendly solutions to non-compostable pens and pencils are popping up, our all time favourite solution is the Sprout Pencil, the unique Plantable Pencil! 

sprout pencils eco-friendly sustainable promo products

The Plantable Pencil! How Does It Work?

The Sprout Pencil is not just any old biodegradable pencil – it is 100% plantable! In place of an eraser, the end of the pencil has a water-soluble capsule filled with seeds. Once the pencil is finished, it can simply be planted into some soil. The seed will germinate, then grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables, depending on which type of seed the capsule is customised with.

 What Seeds Can I Choose from my Sprout Pencils?

Sprout Pencils are available with a wide range of seeds to suit any marketing campaign.

  • Flowers – Sunflower, Carnation, Forget Me Not, Daisy
  • Herbs – Basil, Thyme, Sage, Coriander
  • Fruit & Veg – Cherry Tomato

sprout pencil seed options custom eco-friendly promo product


Custom-Print Sprout Pencils with Your Business Logo

Even cooler, the pencils can be laser engraved (10cm x 0.5cm) with a custom logo or message, making them an ideal marketing tool for brands of all sorts. Colour pencils are also available, and can “sprout” into a variety of 12 different plants.

From a marketing standpoint, there is tremendous value in a seed-based promotional product like a Sprout Pencil. Not only are clients reminded of your marketing message each time they use the pencil, but, if they decide to plant it, their relationship with the branded product turns into a nurturing one. As they tend to the plant and watch it grow, they form a stronger bond to your brand.

How often do you come across a product that’s great for your clients, business, and the environment! Leave it to the Sprout Pencil! 



sprout pencil eco-friendly promo product


If you do make the decision to go ahead and promote your brand with Sprout Pencils, please allow for a lead time of 3-5 weeks from artwork approval till delivery. We can also provide samples – get in touch today to find out more. 

We’re always happy to hear from you, and would love to help you create some lovely promotional products that will help the Earth. Send us an email at, or call us at +44 (0) 207 157 9598.  

A Very Merry Buddy Burst Christmas

A Happy Christmas with Buddy Burst

The Christmas season is right around the corner! So, during this year’s “season of giving”, we’re offering you a way to promote your brand! Our recommended festive giveaway will benefit both your customers, and the environment. Recently, we’ve made a load of Seedsticks shapes available for purchase. This includes everything from hamburgers to telephone to, naturally,  Christmas trees! Of course, the best part is that you can fill these fun packets with Seedsticks that will grow into little Christmas trees. Naturally, these Seedsticks are a fan favorite for the festive season!

christmas tree seedsticks

Some Details

Designed to imitate the branded matchboxes of the past, Seedsticks come 5 to a box with completely customisable packaging, measuring 77mm x 74mm. Each Seedstick can then simply be torn off, and planted into the soil.

What’s New at Buddy Burst HQ 

Green Business Award Shortlist

green business awards hammersmith and fulham

Earlier this year, we were shortlisted for the Green Business Award from the Hammersmith & Fulham Brilliant Business Awards! Additionally, we had the pleasure of attending the awards ceremony on November 7th!


wahaca seedsticks

To carry on, we’re delighted to continue our work with Wahaca, helping them with their rebrand by providing our Serrano Seedsticks and promoting their “#WahacaChiliGrower” hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Read more here.

⠀Accenture’s Kidovation

accenture kidovation

Finally, we recently had the pleasure of doing repeat business with Accenture. This client used our Seedsticks to promote their Kidovation weekend and “#kidovation” Twitter hashtag.

biodegradable poncho blog

Rain Protection Minus the Plastic!

Eco-Friendly Rain Protection

Hosting an outdoor event like a graduation, concert, or sports match? You never know what Mother Nature may have in store. As your mother always told you, it’s best to stay prepared. Sure, ponchos are tactful in keeping crowds dry, but all of that one-time-use plastic is pretty terrible for the environment.

biodegradable poncho

Prevent plastic waste and show off your brand’s logo with our compostable corn starch ponchos, a product perfectly in line with the mission of the Evening Standard’s Plastic-Free Project. Interestingly enough, this initiative is being carried out in line with Bee Midtown, and is paving the way for Londoners to reduce their plastic use and ultimately make Midtown a zero waste area.

As for the ponchos themselves, it takes as little as 8-12 weeks for these ponchos to break down. Plus, they are completely non-toxic and CO2 neutral. Also, the color and print on the ponchos can be customised to suit your brand,. So, this poncho doubles as a functional marketing piece that people will be thankful for when the rain comes in. Rain poncho and printing colours according to the European Standard EN 13432, with the OK Compost quality seal. Includes one colour print on the front or the back (one position). Additionally, Pantone matched poncho and other printing options (including packaging and paper insert) are available upon request.

What Else We’ve Been Up To

The One Hundred Network

One Hundred is a network that exists to “support individuals in their purposeful leadership and understanding through the exchange of ideas and experience.” Plus, not only did we have the pleasure of supplying them with custom seeded paper carrier bags for their annual reception, but Jamie, our CEO, was able to attend.



dubbhumby seedsicks by Buddy Burst

Next, the data company dunnhumby recently used our telephone-shaped Seedsticks® for a clever promotion. Basically, our telephone-shaped Seedsticks were used to encourage employees to “#speakup” if they saw conduct code being broken. Very clever!

Muck Boot

muck boot prince harry meghan markle

Finally, our dear client Muck Boot had its 15 minutes of fame recently.  The brand received the royal treatment when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out in the classic footwear. Very cool!


Painting The Park Pink With Our Bio Balloons

This year’s Paint The Park Pink walk was a record breaker for the London-based St. John’s Hospice, and we are so pleased that our Bio Balloons were able to have a place in the ceremonies. Over 200 supporters showed up for the walk, who combined raised £15,000 for St John’s Hospice. Beginning in Regents Park, the walk was kicked off with a ribbon cutting by CEO Caroline Fox, along with Hospice patients. A lovely memorial balloon release also took place before the walk began. The release, of course, was done with our 100% natural latex Bio Balloons. All of the balloons released were biodegradable,


The charity walk coursed friends, families, staff, and volunteers in a 5k ramble around Regents Park and Primrose Hill, where they were able to enjoy spectacular views of London. Once the walkers reached the finish line, they were able to enjoy a BBQ and refreshments. Many of the supporters stayed well into the afternoon to enjoy the post-walk festivities. Regarding the successful event, Fundraising Director Mark Thomas said, ‘A big thank you to everyone who took part and help us raise this incredible amount, our Hospice simply which could not run without the generosity of our supporters and the help of our volunteers.’

Photo via St. John’s Hospice

St. John’s Hospice is kept up and running by the support of over 150 volunteers. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of these volunteers, over 4,000 patients are cared for each year by the organisation. To donate, head over to


To learn more about our biodegradable bio balloons, or any of our other eco-friendly products, click here.