Earth DAy

Celebrating Earth Day with Buddy Burst

Celebrating Earth Day with Buddy Burst

In honour of Earth Day, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our environmentally-conscious efforts. We are proud to consistently create products that prevent waste, and encourage planting. If we say so ourselves, the amount of seed-infused, eco-friendly promotional products we’ve been able to put out in just the past 3 years is astounding. Of course, the numbers don’t lie… so have a look!


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It was a pleasure to create Seedsticks for perhaps the planet’s most acclaimed wilderness preservation organization, World Wildlife Fund. Featuring the infamous panda logo, these flower pot-shaped Seedsticks were created for the Wales division of WWF. 

Finally, did you know that our factories utilize renewable energy by means of solar panels? We’re proud to practice what we preach, and take our own steps towards a better future for the Earth.