Grow Kits for Allotments Week

Celebrating Allotments

Affordable fresh fruits and vegetables are important! If you’re anything like us, you  love allotments. We’re looking forward to celebrating and promoting them throughout this year’s Allotments Week, the 12th – 18th of August. This week is put on by the National Allotment Society Initiative. Not only do allotments provide healthy, plant-based foods, but they help to create a sense of community amongst those who tend to them.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly allotments are, they can be thought of as a community garden. Individual gardeners are usually organised in an allotment association. These associations are then granted or leased a plot of land that may only be used for gardening, as dictated by zoning laws.  Usually, to be a part of the association, gardeners are charged a small membership fee.

Our Seed Grow Kits

While all of our seeded products offer a massive range of ways to grow plants, our Grow Kit Single Wrap Pots are budget friendly, and ideal for school and community projects, like allotments! These custom-printed promotional Grow Kit Single Pot Wraps contain everything you need to grow your own seeds, be it flowers, herbs, vegetables, or a tree.

On average, it will take seeds two weeks to germinate. Of course, your branding will be front and centre as the recipient tends to their plant. Finally, the plastic pot is meant to be reused time and time again, so this product is free of single-use plastic.

Treating the Earth and environment well is a hot button topic right now, and with the hovering presence of global warming, it’s doubtful that this trend will go away any time soon. Encourage your customers to practice sustainable habits within their day-to-day lives. See the array of products we have to offer your company, and your customers. Have a look at our full line of products at

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seedballs to sustain bees

Helping the Bees with Customised Seed Balls

Protect the Bees on “Don’t Step On A Bee Day”

Did you know that 10th July, is officially dubbed Don’t Step on A Bee Day throughout the UK? Of course, bees produce the honey and beeswax that we love so much. But additionally, the pollination they provide is essential to the well-being of plants, crops, and full ecosystems. Unfortunately, human activities like industrial agriculture, pesticide spraying, climate change and more are leading to a bit of a bee crisis. According to, bees have been declining at alarming rates since the late 1990’s. Like most environmental issues, it is up to us as humans to try to reverse this damage.

Seedball Matchboxes

bees mix seedballs

In addition to raising awareness about protecting the bees, there are other ways you can help protect your neighborhood bees. For example, by buying honey locally, and of course, by planting wildflowers to help sustain the bee population. Our favourite way (and perhaps one of the easiest ways) to do this is with the help of our Seedball Matchboxes.

Like all of our Buddy Burst products, Seedball Matchboxes aren’t just great for the environment and for the promotion of planting, but they’re a great way to help promote brands, as well. To give a bit more detail, each Seedball Matchbox contains six easy to grow wildflower seed balls. Bonus – there’s no gardening skill required. The balls simply have to be scattered on soil, in a garden, or pot and nature is left to do the rest. So, because the seeds are inside of a clay ball, they are naturally protected against predators and more. The Bee Mix

As previously mentioned, this product is fully customisable, right down to the types of seeds that the balls are filled with. The special edition bee mix of the Seedballs contains a variety of wildflower seeds. These seed types were specially chosen, as they are each a type of plant that bees especially enjoy.

For room to promote your brand, each Seedball Matchbox comes outfitted with a fully brand-able label with a print size of 51 x 51mm which covers the top (34 x 51mm) and one side (14 x 51mm). For more details or to order your own Seedball Matchboxes, email

Here’s to avoiding any and all bee deaths on “Don’t Step on A Bee Day!”

Buddy Burst is Blooming!

With the lovely summer weather has come some fantastic opportunities for us here at Buddy Burst.

We’re really delighted to have worked with some fabulous brands as of late, and even more delighted to share them with you. You’ll likely recognize some of the names we’ve been working with, so be sure to keep an eye out for our seeded products!

ASK Italian

Buddy Burst seed packets

If you find yourself frequently in the mood for pasta, you may already be familiar with the fabulous eatery, ASK Italian

Next time you’re treating yourself to some Italiano food at ASK, be sure to keep a lookout for our seed packets of #superpeas. Once your planted seeds are sprouted, customers can share their pea plant photos with #Peapower! There’s nothing better than homegrown veggies, after all. ⠀

Manhattan Loft Gardens


We’ll go ahead and say it, we’re a pretty big fan of our seeded papers, and apparently so are the The Manhattan Loft Gardens. The Loft Gardens are a thriving community in east London incorporating a design hotel, rental loft apartments, restaurants and more. We got to design some chic branded seeded papers for them that are almost as unique as their space.


PALLITE®’s tagline is, “Helping the planet, one shipment at a time.” And they are indeed true to their word! They utilize 100% recyclable transit packaging, which we were pleased to have the opportunity to help promote with our signature Seedsticks.

GOSH! Kindness Cafe

Heard of the GOSH! Kindness Cafe? Going on in Shoreditch for the last few months, the cafe functions on the concept of  using kindness as currency, and encourages others to pay it forward. These Seedsticks and the #KindnessisCurrency hashtag promote the message.


Just like we have eco-friendly products that bring your promotions to life, Screenocean possesses loads of archived footage from the last century to bring your stories to life. We loved making these video camera-shaped Seedsticks for them! ⠀


Wärtsilä is a Finnish manufacturing company that serves as a global leader in the sustainable energy field. To keep up with their sustainable mission, we created these branded wildflower Seedsticks.