tomatoes for growth with seedsticks

“Thyme” to Learn About Seedsticks® for the Summer

Gardening is cool again, and the numbers speak for themselves! According to a 2014 report , there have been significant increases in both households that participate in community gardening, and younger households. The best thing about the world of gardening is that there are just so many things to grow – fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and even trees, and our Seedsticks® can grow into any of these! Promoting your brand with plant-based items might be one of the most valuable marketing moves you can make! Not only are plants themselves fantastic for combatting air pollution, but bypassing plastic promotional products keeps loads of non-compostable material out of landfills.

vegetables to grow with Seedsticks™

While we’d recommend any of our plant and seed-based products to build brand loyalty, our Seedsticks® have come out on top time and time again. Once customers plant their Seedsticks®, they will consistently be reminded of your brand as they nurture their plant and watch it grow.


While we offer a variety of seed options, our two favourite are thyme and tomato. While thyme is ideal for wordplay and puns, tomatoes are packed full of health benefits that can be tied into your brand’s marketing message. 

tomatoes that can be grown with Seedsticks™

Some of the nutrients tomatoes are dense in include:





Beta-Carotene (which becomes vitamin A when consumed)

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


Meanwhile, thyme is used in loads of recipes, and turns out to be a helpful little plant for just about anyone who cooks. When thyme is consumed, it is usually dried out, and used to season meats, fish and vegetables. Isn’t it thyme you implemented thyme into your herb garden? Other herbs we recommend implementing into your garden include basil, sage, and oregano.


If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch. Email us at, or call +44 (0) 207 157 9598.


buddy burst seedsticks

Summertime News From Buddy Burst HQ

A lot has been happening for us over here at Buddy Burst, and we couldn’t do it without wonderful clients! Between awards, new collaborations, and some charity work, we’ve got loads to update you on!


We are absolutely over the moon to say that Buddy Burst Founder Jamie Gray was named a “Highly Commended Director of the Year” in the Start-Up category at the 2018 Institute of Directors Awards. The Institute of Directors’ Director of the Year Awards are comprised of 9 different categories that recognise excellence in leaders across businesses that are early stage, family-run, global,  and more.

Buddy Burst wins IoD Award

2018 IoD Awards

The days of feeling guilty about throwing away gift bags are over! Rather than sit in a landfill for years, these seeded paper bags we created for No1 Rosemary Water sprout into lovely wildflowers. No1 Rosemary Water is the world’s first pure rosemary water brand, and we at Buddy Burst were so pleased to have the pleasure of working with them. We supplied them with lovely, minimalist-style seeded paper bags. Have a look at all we can do with seeded bags here!

Seeded paper bags for No1 Rosemary Water by Buddy Burst

Our Seedsticks® recently made an appearance at the Taste of London…and for a great cause, to boot! We had the pleasure of donating Seedsticks® to Action Against Hunger, an organisation that works across 40 countries to lead the fight against hunger. Not only did they serve as sustainable, eco-friendly promotions, but they especially helped to drive home the organisation’s message – that each individual’s actions, no matter how small they may seem, can contribute to ending hunger. Through fundraising associated with this event, Action Against Hunger UK was able to raise a total of £27,000, the equivalent needed to save the lives of over 635 severely malnourished children.

Action Against Hunger UK with Buddy Burst seed sticks

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch. Email us at, or call +44 (0) 207 157 9598. Buddy Burst has a massive range of sustainable promotional products, find the one to suit your business!