Corporate Christmas Cards with Christmas Tree Seeds

Eco-friendly corporate Christmas cards that promote your brand and protect the environment

Are you looking for fun corporate Christmas card ideas that will help your business to stand out from the crowd this festive season?

Make a great impression with our sustainable, eco-friendly customisable Christmas cards that will promote your brand, whilst protecting the environment. These are a fun alternative to traditional cards that double as both a card and a Christmas gift. Each product contains seeds that can be planted and grown after use.

Made with recycled paper and 100% biodegradable, these are the perfect green gift for clients and employees. They can also be used as part of a Christmas direct mail campaign to reach consumers and customers at home during the holiday season.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Christmas Card Range


Corporate Christmas Cards- Plantable Seed Paper CardsSeed Paper Greeting Cards

Plantable Christmas cards are made from seed paper and make an eco-friendly alternative to traditional corporate Christmas cards. Each card is embedded with wildflower seeds. Once Christmas is over, the seed paper card can be ripped up, popped in some soil, and will begin to grow in just a couple of weeks.

Made from recycled paper and 100% biodegradable; they can be custom-printed with your business logo and marketing message for a memorable corporate Christmas card that will promote any brand, sustainably.

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Corporate Christmas Cards : Eco-Friendly Growing Greetings CardsGrowing Greeting Cards

Growing greeting cards are eco-friendly cards with a little extra – they grow into edible salad plants like rocket, basil and pak choi. Makes growing healthy, organic microgreens easy, with delicious results!

We use only organic seeds and recycled materials to make these unique, sustainable cards. Each card can be printed in full colour and in any design of your choice.

Great for food, gardening & ecology brands. Also make a fun Christmas gift for consumers as part of a B2C Christmas campaign that’s suitable for both adults and children.

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Christmas Tree Seedstick® Shapes

Corporate Christmas Cards with Christmas Tree Seeds

Perfect for seasonal promotions; your clients and customers will appreciate this sustainable, green Christmas gift. The five seeded matchsticks each contain a Christmas tree seed (Picea Abies), enabling the recipient to grow their own Christmas trees at home!

Seedsticks are an economical option for any business looking to spread some Christmas cheer in the season of goodwill. These small matchbook-style packs can be used as a mini corporate Christmas card, that comes complete with a memorable green gift.

We can supply Seedsticks in other Christmas-themed shapes such as Christmas puddings and stockings. Seedsticks are made in the UK!

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Free Design Service

We offer a free design visualisation service to create mock-ups of how each product will look with a business logo and branding. Ask us for more details.

Lead times vary from 2-4 weeks depending on the product selected and quantity required, so please ensure you leave enough time for your order to be delivered in time for Christmas. Minimum order quantities start from just 100 units.

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